Corporate Creative Workshops

Steffi Goddard

Steffi Goddard will lead your corporate creative retreat

Art and Creativity in the Corporate Sector – Using art and creativity in the corporate and business sector is becoming very popular and is also very necessary.  By making art and being creative away from the office environment, your team can explore new ways of working together, working independently, thinking through new challenges creatively and enjoying a new and inspiring process.  The goal of arts-based learning is not to teach people to be artists but to create immersive learning experiences using artistic and creative processes  helping to gain new insights and perspectives around business challenges.

Art stretches the mind in new directions – Art and creativity is not rational, logical or scientific and therefore stretches the mind in new directions helping us to find answers to problems in different ways.  Art and creative pursuits also help us to slow down and free us from stress, quieten the mind putting us in touch with our inner wisdom and will create an unforgettable team building experience encouraging healthy relationships which will continue once back in the world of business.

Bespoke Art and Creative retreats – I can create a bespoke Art and Creative Team building retreat for you and your team here at the lovely Cortijo Las Salinas in sunny southern Spain.  You will enjoy the peace and tranquility of staying in an environment surrounded by nature, the sound of the river, the warm sunshine and the infinite stars at night.  The food is cooked fresh every day, is mainly organic locally sourced and is delicious.  The Casita has a bread oven and small bar for socialising in the evenings and there is a swimming pool and jacuzzi for use in downtime periods.

In Addition to the Creative Pursuits –  Your bespoke team building creative retreat can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and could include daily yoga sessions to encourage strength and flexibility;  gong meditation sessions for relaxation;  walks in the natural environment or river walking to a waterfall and depending upon the time of year there are many local wild orchids to spot;  build your own (or someone else’s) pizza to make in the bread oven;  an authentic and traditional flamenco evening;  Lomi Lomi healing massages;  a Bollywood style fun evening;  a sing-a-long evening around the fire pit  – in fact we are open to any creative suggestions !

The following photos from recent art and creative events at the cortijo will give you an idea of what to expect, however, every experience here is different and yours will be too !






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